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The PERFECT Daily Routine For Toddlers

A daily routine for toddlers

The title says perfect, right?! I don’t know about you, but my idea of perfect isn’t always achieved… but I still do my thing. It’s usually never perfect, but here is a sample of my ideal day for my 2 year old son! This should give you some great ideas on organizing your day! Lets talk about routines for toddlers!

Morning Routine

8:30am: On a perfect day, I wake up before Vince. Okay… this almost never happens, but when it does, its amazing! I have some quiet time, drink some coffee, take a look over my planner and to-dos for the day.

9:30am (Wake Up) : Vince wakes up at this time every single morning. It’s diaper changing time! Then I make him some breakfast, usually a fruit, cheerios, and of course milk. I’m not sure why, but Vince is going through a phase where he HATES eggs. So that’s out of the question. While he eats breakfast, he gets to watch one episode of Puppy Dog Pals. It’s his favorite!

Need some breakfast inspiration? Click to see some simple toddler breakfast ideas: *coming soon*

10am (Getting Ready For The Day) : Next we get dressed! It’s fun to include choices so I will pick out two different clothing items and let Vince decide which one he wants. Then it’s time to brush our teeth. We use Tom’s Toothpaste! I highly recommend it. Vince uses the kid’s raspberry flavored version.

To read more about choices click here: *coming soon*

10:30am (Free Play) : Since I usually can’t convince myself to wake up before Vince, this is my time to plan. Vincent has some free play and I figure out what needs done for the day.

11:15am (Mommy & Me Time) : It’s almost nap time! But before that, it’s time for us to dedicate some time to learning. Vince has a speech delay, so mommy and me time is SUPER important. During this time we will play together, read books, and do puzzles.

Afternoon Routine

12:15pm (Nap Time) : It’s nap time! Well… at least Vince gets a nap. This is my cleaning and blogging time! Usually I do the dishes and fold clothes early in the day because I honestly can’t bare to do it in the evening. After I’m don’t straightening up, I will work on my blog.

2:15pm (Wake Up/Lunch) : At this time, Vince wakes up and eats lunch.

2:45pm (Play) : For the second half of the day, I like to find something to do outside of our house. Some days we go to an activity center or museum, other days we will go to a relatives house to visit. If we can’t do either of those, we play outside! We live close to a playground so that’s his favorite place to be. And it’s free! If the weather is awful, we come up with an activity inside!

Need some toddler activity ideas? Click here: *coming soon*

5:30pm (Dinner) : Around this time I make dinner and we sit down and eat. Our dinners consist of the usual protein, carb, and veggies!

6pm (Free/Focused Play) : Lots of playing, everyday! At this point we will either have free play or focused play. It varies and usually depends on how much cleaning needs done or honestly, just how tired I am! Mommies deserve relax time too!

Night Routine

7pm (Bath Time) : It’s time for a bath! After that we will brush teeth and put on some jammies. Vince LOVES water! So bath time is something he loves and is a big part of his routine.

8pm (Time To Relax) : Vince is a hyper boy. It’s important that before bed, he really relaxes. If we let him run around playing, he gets hyped up and won’t want to sleep. So we use this time to watch a movie, read books, and cuddle on the couch.

9:30pm (Bedtime) : I don’t know about you, but in my house, bed time is ROUGH! It always starts with a tantrum, but we make it through. We just have to say “get in bed” about one hundred times.

And that’s our day!

After he goes to sleep I will pick up toys, shower, and maybe blog if I have the energy!

What to include in the routine

So why do I think this is the perfect toddler routine? Well It includes everything he needs in a day! I love having different time frames for free and focused play! It give me some mom time too! I think it’s important to stick to a routine because it’s comfortable for your little one and more organized!

Here’s 3 keys I would put in your routine:

Focused Play: This is how they learn! Get on the floor with them and read a book or play with some toys!

Free play: This is how they explore! Let them do their own thing!

Choices: Sometimes being a toddler is hard, you feel like you have no control over anything. Give them some choices throughout the day. Let them pick between two shirts or two fruits. Maybe two movies? Let them feel like they have some control! It will keep them happy!

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the perfect daily routine for toddlers.

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