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The Conspiracy Collection Review

The ShaneXJeffree Conspiracy Collection

On November 1st, the beauty world felt the excitement of the Conspiracy Collection launch! I’m absolutely OBSESSED with Shane and Jeffree, so I was SO ready to buy this collection. I bought the collection bundle on launch day, and waited an hour to check out as the site was crashed… thats right, Shane and Jeffree BROKE THE INTERNET!

So, this is my final thoughts on the collection. I’ve been using the makeup for almost a month and I’m finally ready to review it!

conspiracy collection

The Travel Bag

One of the many reasons I bought the bundle was to get the bag! Below I posted a close up of the pattern/texture of the bag!

I feel like the bag is PERFECT. They nailed the design. I love the little piggies on the zipper. It’s a sturdy bag and it’s huge. It fits both the Conspiracy palette and Blood Sugar palette, along with all my lipsticks. It also has 3 pockets inside, can’t beat that.

Included is a close up of the pattern on the bag.

Conspiracy and Mini Controversy

As you can see from the photos, my conspiracy palette has been well loved for the past 3 weeks! I want to start by saying these are NOT my first Jeffree Star Cosmetics products I have bought, so I’m familiar with the quality of his products.

The Conspiracy Palette is absolutely stunning. Yes the color story is DIFFERENT, but that’s why I wanted to buy it! I love that each row of the palette has a purpose. The top is every day looks. The middle row is brights to explore with. And the bottom row is very glam! Also, the names of the shades are another thing that sold me. I couldn’t be happier with this palette!

The Mini Controversy palette features 9 shades and is honestly adorable. The packaging is on point, I love the way it reflects. The shades are gorgeous, as usual. My favorite shade in the mini is MY BOYFRIENDS PURSE.

As usual, each shade is very pigmented and soft. These colors WILL produce a lot of fall out if you’re pressing too hard. Below is swatches of some of my favorite shades from conspiracy! From top to bottom: IlluminaTEA, Not A Fact, Diet Cola , Whats The Tea, Cheese Dust, Trisha, Conspiracy, and Just A Theory.

**If you would like to see ALL the swatches, please comment below and let me know!**

JSC Liquid Lipsticks

I have always been a huge fan of JSC Liquid Lips! They are the BEST formula I have EVER used! They feel light on this lips, the colors are amazing, they dry great and last long. This collections comes with the shades (from top to bottom): Ryland, Jeffree What The F*ck, I Gotta Go, Are You Filming, Oh My God, and Shane.

As I stated above, I knew these liquid lipsticks were going to be amazing because I’m familiar with his products. My favorite from this collection is Ryland, it has a beautiful metallic look and can be used as an everyday shade! I know for some, these colors may look intimidating and bright, but jump out of your comfort zone and try them out!


The Gloss and Diet Shane (Lip balm)

Lastly, lets talk about Shane Glossin (the gloss) and Diet Shane (the balm). This lip gloss is the very first JSC lip gloss I have tried and I highly recommend it! It’s not sticky and goes on nicely. The perfect clear gloss! Also the packaging (for all his glosses) is just gorgeous!

Diet Shane is the first ever JSC lip balm! YAY! I have always been blown away by JSC products, so I was nervous to try the balm because I can get very picky about lip balms, but I was pleasantly surprised! It goes on smoothly and lasts quite a while before you need to reapply!

Final Thoughts

I would say if you’re interested in this collection, it’s worth the pre-order and the wait! Even if you’re not crazy about the colors, go check out some of his other products because they are all great quality!

Please comment below and let me know what you think about the collection! 

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