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How To Write The PERFECT Blog Post

Writing The Perfect Blog Post

I always say, quality over quantity. Yes it’s important to post consistently, but quality is the key to more loyal viewers. They want the most useful content they can get! Here, you will get an outline and learn how to create the perfect blog post that goes above and beyond your audience’s expectations. Hope you enjoy! 

Post Quality Content Everytime:

What happens when you post top quality content?

  1. People will come back for more. More clicks and follows! A bigger email list!
  2. People will engage with you! If they learn something from you, they may start asking you questions, which leads to more content for you!
  3. You’ll be proud of yourself! I feel like I can always tell which of my posts are better than the others… and that’s completely normal! Nobody is perfect! But I always have posts that make me super proud to be a blogger!

Writing a quality blog post: made simple.

Headline: Start with an attention grabbing headline! Make sure it includes keywords for your SEO!

Opening: Craft a short opening that will give the reader an idea of the article and pull them in the read further! An opening should be simple, but give out enough information that they know why they’re here!

Sub-Headline: You’re promise. Use this headline to hook the reader in! Promise them what they will learn by they time they’re done reading.

Content: I personally start with some kind of introduction. Sometimes I will start with a personal experience that relates to my topic, how I learned it, how it affected me. Other times a just let the audience know how this information is going to help them and change the way they do things.

Sub-Headline: Let the audience know this is the part they have been waiting for! 

Content: Next, you’re gonna get into the main, juicy content. This is what they came for. I like to break this down into lists, or have small headlines to break it up so they can get the information faster. Most people would rather spend five minutes than twenty!

Call To Action: For the last part of your blog post, you want to include a call to action. Ask your viewers a question and tell them to subscribe. Show them your opt in offer! 

Now go write!

Please comment below and let me know what you’d like to hear more about! Subscribe to stay updated! I hope this blog post outline helped you! 

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