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Organize Your Life: Digital Declutter

digital declutter

Hey mamas! Let’s talk about organization today, or specifically, a digital declutter! We are always running around and everything is SO hectic, but organization can help a lot. If you do any work on your computer, like me, it becomes a digital mess. Let’s go over some ways to digitally declutter!

A to-do list for your digital declutter

Organize Your Desktop: Remove any unwanted files and set up organized folders. I keep a folder on my desktop labeled “blogging,”, where of course, I keep all my business stuff.

Organize Your Files: Once again, set up some folders to organize everything by category. Make sure you put everything you don’t need into your recycle bin. Go through each section: downloads, photos, documents. I keep all my photos organized by topic. If they’re of Vince, I have the folders labeled by event or age.

Evaluate Your Email: I tend to avoid my email to an extreme. It’s so messy. This is your chance to unsubscribe to anything you don’t need and create folders for anything you want to save. The most important part is unsubscribing to things you don’t look at. An example is when a company has sent you an email every day for 6 months and you have yet to read a single one.

how to digitally declutter

Clear Out Unused Programs: I don’t know about you, but I’m always trying new programs/apps from the apple store. If you end up with one you don’t use, just delete it… it’s taking up space.

Go Through Your Camera Roll On Your Phone: This is easy for some, and terribly hard for others. I am a photo hoarder, especially when it comes to my son. I’m gonna be honest, even when I delete some from my phone, I save them on google photos.

Music Playlists: Get on Spotify and clean up your playlists! Delete any you don’t use anymore, and maybe create a new one with your most current music.

Social Media: This is important. IF you tend to follow people/pages that make you unhappy… this is the time to unfollow. I think some of us are guilty of this and lets be real, we are out here living out best lives. We don’t need negativity on social media!

All clean!

Let me know if this article helped you declutter your life a little bit! Comment below if you got brave and did the social media clean out! How did it go for you?

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