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Business Ideas For Stay-at-Home Moms

Are you interested in starting a business?

So you’re a stay-at-home mom looking to create an extra income? That’s awesome! Today, I created a list of some ideas for you! These ideas may not be for everyone, but I purposely chose ideas that have a cheap start up cost! So if you want to start your business TODAY… these are some great ideas! 

Business Ideas For SAHMs

Blogging: You knew this option was going to be here! Starting a blog doesn’t have to be expensive! If you go to IONOS HOSTING, the first year is only $12! Domain name included! This is the hosting I use, and I have never had a problem! I will say blogging is a handful, but if you like writing and have a niche in mind, it may be the perfect option! 

Photography: Yep! Start a photography business! Figure out if you want to do stock photos, animal portraits, newborn photo shoots, or even weddings! My business cost a total of $220 to start up. I bought all my equipment used (an unbeatable deal) and some props! 

Ebooks: If you like writing, this is your answer. you can write fiction or no fiction and publish right on amazon! If you’re interested in writing, but not sure what to write about, grab a piece of paper and start jotting down everything you love talking about. For example, if I wrote an ebook it would probably be about productivity and motherhood! 

Low Content Books: If you’re good with Adobe InDesign, this route may be for you. Yes, Adobe is $50/month, but it’s worth it! What are low content books? Planners and journals! Design the planner in InDesign, and the cover on Photoshop and upload to Kindle Direct Publishing as a paperback book. It may sound complicated, but there are plenty of courses, I’d even like to make my own! If you’d be interested in a FREE course, comment below!

Youtube: Generally, it takes a long time to make money on youtube, but if you enjoy filming and editing, you’ll love it! Plus as long as you have a decent camera phone, it’s free to start! I will be making more articles about starting a youtube business soon!

Etsy: Do you have a hobby you could bring to Etsy to make some cash? Printabled, soaps, jewelry, and art work are all big sellers on etsy! At 40 cents a listing, it’s super cheap to start! 

Flipping: You don’t need any money to start flipping! Just start selling things you already have around your house! Then move on the thrift stores! You can sell designer clothes on Poshmark! You can sell literally anything on Ebay or Craigslist! 

Consulting: Are you an expert at something? Become a digital consultant! Life coach, fitness coach, marketing coach, blogging coach… do what you love and get paid to do it! 

Create Courses: Once again, if you consider yourself an expert, make a course! You can use platforms such as Skillshare or Udemy to share your course!  For example, I will be publishing a KDP Low Content Book course on skillshare in the future! 

Lets Dive Deeper!

Thanks so much for checking out this article! I hope it inspired you to start your own business! I will be diving deeper into each of theres topics to help you on your journey to success! Please subscribe for updates! 

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